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Past Events

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2019 Canadian Forest Genetics Association Conference and PWCC AGM

Manoir du Lac Delage, Quebec
August 19-23, 2019

More than 110 participants gathered in the serenely beautiful natural setting of the Manoir du Lac Delage to share their scientific information and thoughts on the topic of 'Where do we want to be in 2049?'  The program, which featured 44 oral presentations and 23 poster presentations with a strong level of discussion and exchange was organized by Nathalie Isabel and Patrick Lenz of the Canadian Forest Service.  (Nathalie is a Director at large of the PWCC.)  On the final day of the conference week, a field tour was offered to the Grandes-Piles Forest Nursery and experimental plantations of the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs.

The annual meeting of the Poplar and Willow Council of Canada/Conseil canadien des peupliers et des saules was held in conjunction with the conference.  Reports for the past year were received and adopted and the financial report and 2019-20 budget were accepted.  A decision was made to pursue a proposal to hold the annual meeting in 2020 in the context of a workshop in the Interior of British Columbia featuring research and field sites on Septoria on poplars in that area.  At the conference banquet, the Gold Poplar Leaf Award of the Council was presented to Pierre Périnet in recognition of his contributions to the PWCC over many years as a member, meeting organizer and latterly as Chair of the Genetics and Breeding Working Group, as well as his leadership of the hybrid poplar program of the Québec Ministère.

Illustrated News item on the conference and AGM

Woody Crops 2018 - International Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference

Rhinelander, WI, USA
July 23-26, 2018

This conference, organized by the Northern Research Station of the US Forest Service, was a joint meeting of the Poplar and Willow Council of Canada, Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group of the USA, IUFRO Working Party 2.08.04 (Physiology and Genetics of Poplar and Willow), IUFRO Working Party 1.03.00 (Short Rotation Forestry), International Energy Agency Bioenergy Agreement Task 43 (Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets) and the International Poplar Commission Environmental and Ecosystems Services Working Party. Close to 50 people from 14 States of the USA, 3 Provinces of Canada and 5 other countries participated in two days of technical presentations (29 oral and 8 posters).  Abstracts of accepted presentations (including posters) have been published in the conference Proceedings in a special issue of the online open access journal Forests.  The special issue also contains peer-reviewed papers related to conference presentations and other related topicsMany participants also took part in a 2-day pre-conference field tour in northern Minnesota and/or a 3-day post-conference field tour in eastern Wisconsin.

Illustrated News Item on the conference
Conference Proceedings (includes abstracts of all oral and poster presentations)
Special issue of Forests journal with conference-related papers

11th North American Forest Ecology Workshop
'Sustaining forests: from restoration to conservation'

 Edmonton, AB
June 19-22, 2017

The workshop, a biennial conference of forest ecologists, scientists, forest land managers and academics, was hosted by the University of Alberta.  More than 200 people participated in 3 days of technical presentations and a full day of field visits.  Many of the 170 oral presentations and 33 posters concerned the ecology and management of poplars, including aspen.  Conference organizers plan to publish some of the papers in the peer-reviewed journal Forest Ecology and Management.  The Poplar and Willow Council of Canada held its annual business meeting during the conference.

News item on workshop and PWCC AGM

Guide for field tour to Al-Pac

Photo gallery

Abstracts of presentations:

25th Session of the International Poplar Commission (IPC) of FAO
'Poplars and other fast-growing trees - renewable resources for future green economies'

Berlin, Germany
September 13-16, 2016

This major international event of the International Poplar Commission (IPC), a statutory subsidiary body of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, was hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.  It included 4 days of plenary and concurrent technical presentations and posters, as well as 3 consecutive one-day pre-conference field tours and 2 different 4-day post-conference field tours.  The Session was attended by more than 200 participants from 37 countries, including 7 from Canada.  Barb Thomas, past chair of the Poplar and Willow Council of Canada was re-elected to the IPC Executive Committee for a 4-year term.

News item on IPC Session - Photo Gallery

Article by Cees van Oosten on Post-Conference tour to Sweden

FAO site for IPC Session:

2016 Poplar and Willow Council of Canada Annual Meeting

Regina, Saskatchewan
July 19-20, 2016

A small but interesting event was organized and hosted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Regina in conjunction with the annual business meeting of the PWCC.  Twelve participants from six Canadian Provinces took part in the two-day gathering which had the general theme of 'Exploiting poplar and willow genetics for environmental applications.'  On the first day, there were a total of eight oral and poster technical presentations ranging from reflections on poplar breeding at Indian Head to exploiting the genetic resources for Populus trichocarpa and P. balsamifera.  On the second day participants traveled to Indian Head for a series of field visits on the Indian Head Research Farm of AAFC and nearby area.

Short illustrated news item on the meeting. Complete illustrated article.  Technical presentations (PDF format).  Photo gallery.

2015 Poplar and Willow Council of Canada Annual Meeting

Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, Quebec
September 15-18, 2015

Hosted and organized by the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) at UQAT's Lac-Duparquet Forest Research Station, this small-scale but very successful event brought together 17 participants from 4 different countries for 3 days of technical presentations and field tours in the boreal forest of northwest Quebec.  The focus was on poplar and willow management in natural settings, and site reclamation with poplar and willow, with 10 oral presentations, visits to several hybrid poplar plantation trials and to revegetation trials of gold mine waste rock piles and tailing pond berms. Participants included the two 2015 winners of the PWCC/UBC Student Travel Awards who presented papers on their work.

Short illustrated news item on the meetingComplete illustrated articlePhoto gallery. On UQAT website: Abstracts and presentations.

6th International Poplar Symposium - IPS VI

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
July 20-23, 2014. (Post-symposium field tours July 24-28.)

The Symposium included three days of oral and poster presentations, followed by a full day of field visits to poplar plantations and natural ecosystems in the Lower Fraser Valley.  An additional three-day field tour to the Okanagan Valley in the south-central interior of British Columbia added the possibility of visits to poplar plantations irrigated by landfill leachate or municipal wastewater, as well as aspen-based industry, conifer tree improvement trials and operations, and a nut tree farm.

Available on the Poplar and Willow Council website: presentations, news item, photo gallery

Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group meeting

Seattle, WA, USA
July 17-19, 2014

The meeting included a day and a half of techical sessions on the theme of "Woody Crops: Production alternatives for multiple uses", as well as a half day to visit a demonstration site of poplars for biofuels near Seattle.  A 2-day pre-conference tour provided an opportunity to visit GreenWood Resources plantings in the Boardman, OR area.

For information about the meeting, including abstracts of presentations:

International Poplar Commission (IPC) Working Party 6 'Environmental Applications' Workshop

Gisborne, New Zealand
March 10-12, 2014

The workshop was hosted by Plant and Food Research and the New Zealand Poplar and Willow Research Trust.  It included a full day of technical presentations on the theme of 'Erosion control: the role of poplars and willows in holding slopes' followed by two days of field visits illustrating the use of poplars and willows to control soil erosion in the pastoral hill country of the northeast coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  Three members of the Poplar and Willow Council participated in the workshop.

Illustrated article in Poplar Council newsletter.

13th Biennial North American Agroforestry Conference (NAAC) including Poplar Council annual meeting

Charlottetown, PEI
June 19-21, 2013. (Pre-conference tour June 18, starting in Fredericton, NB.)

The conference included a day and a half of invited and volunteer oral and poster presentations, as well as a full day of field visits on sites across Prince Edward Island.  An optional pre-conference tour also showed agroforestry trials and activities in New Brunswick.  The Poplar Council of Canada held its annual meeting in conjunction with the conference.

Photo gallery, illustrated article in Poplar Council newsletter.

International Poplar Commission 24th Session
"Improving Lives with Poplars and Willows"

Dehradun, India
29 October - 2 November 2012

This major international event of the International Poplar Commission (IPC), a statutory technical body of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN was hosted by the Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education and the Forest Research Institute.  It included 4 days of plenary and concurrent technical presentations and posters, as well as a 2-day pre-conference field tour and a 4-day post-conference field tour.  The Session was attended by more than 200 participants from 22 countries, including 6 from Canada.  Poplar Council chair Barb Thomas was elected to the IPC Executive Committee.

News item on IPC Session : Photo gallery

FAO site for IPC Session:

Poplar Council of Canada Genetics Workshop and Annual Business Meeting

21-23 August 2012

Organized by the Genetics Working Group of the Poplar Council and the Direction de la recherche forestière, Ministère des Ressource naturelles et de la Faune du Québec, this event included a 1-day workshop meeting in Ste-Foy focussed on genetics and breeding (followed by the Poplar Council of Canada Annual Business Meeting of members) and 2 days of fieldtours to the Rimouski and Saguenay areas.  The workshop was attended by 21 people, of whom about 15 also participated in the fieldtour.

Workshop report : Workshop presentations: Photo gallery

Poplar Council of Canada Conference & Annual Meeting

'Poplars and Willows on the Prairies: Traditional Practices meet Innovative Applications'

Edmonton, Alberta
18-22 September, 2011

Post-conference field tour to Fort McMurray Oil Sands
23-24 September, 2011

A joint event of the Poplar Council of Canada, International Poplar Commission 'Environmental Applications' Working Party (WP6) and the Poplar Council of the United States. The program included technical presentations, discussion and several days of field visits.

Conference presentations (including posters) - available in PDF format.
View photos from field tours in our Photo Gallery.