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Growing Poplar and Willow

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This page is intended to provide and share timely information on relevant poplar and willow crop management and related topics.

Grower Topics

1. Weed control

Poplars and willows are shade intolerant. Weeds can "choke out" young trees and reduce their survival and early growth. This article provides some information for growers, focusing mostly on weed control during early plantation establishment.

2. Stem canker (Septoria musiva)

Septoria musiva is a serious poplar stem canker disease which occurs naturally in North and South America. Since 2006, it has moved west of the Rocky Mountains into interior and coastal British Columbia, where it has been found in hybrid poplar and the native black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa). This article provides recent information about this disease and the threat it poses to poplar plantations.