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Photos taken during the 2016 Annual Meeting and subsequent field tour of the Poplar and Willow Council of Canada held in Saskatchewan July 19-20.  The venue for the meeting was the Alvin Hamilton federal government building in Regina.  The field tour took place in the Indian Head area.  Click on the photo thumbnail to view a larger version with caption.

AGM technical presentation Technical session Sea buckthorn smoothies Sea buckthorn smoothies
Sea buckthorn smoothie Field tour transportation Barb Thomas on field transport Group at seed orchard
Field group at seed orchard Siberian larch seed source test Scots pine seed orchard Bee home in alfalfa field
Field tour group in alfalfa AAFC technical staff in field Laura Poppy in field trial Bill Schroeder in alfalfa field
Blair English and Rhonda Thiessen Tractor operator Raju S in field Ron Gares and Raju S in field
Field tour group with transport Field tour group in field trial Ron Gares & Shayeb Shahariar Field tour group in willow project
Raju S. and Carl Douglas Reynard Farm owner Shayeb S in willow project Discussing willow project
Shayeb Shahariar at soil pit Discussing soil sample site Ron Gares & Shayeb Shahariar Raju S and Carl Douglas
Raju S presenting AgCanBaP Raju S with Roseville plot Field tour group at AgCanBaP Carl Douglas at AgCanBaP
Raju S addressing group Discussing AgCanBaP Dave Derbowka at AgCanBaP Field tour group at AgCanBaP
Lunch stop at The Grazing Goose Sabrina Bovee with group Sabrina Bovee and son Lunch table
Outdoor pizza oven Pizza oven Removing pizza from oven Preparing pizza
Removing pizza from oven Barb Thomas & Kurt McPherson Bruce Neill cutting pizza Sabrina Bovee cutting pizza
Outdoor lunch group Lunch group Lunch table Bill and Janice Schroeder
Field tour group and friends Bobby Hu with student award Award for Pierre Perinet Award for Pierre Perinet
Bill Schroeder receiving award Bill Schroder and Barb Thomas Bill Schroeder with Barb & Raju Bill and Janice Schroeder
Shayeb Shahariar and Bill S. Bill Schroeder with award Rhonda Thiessen and John Kort