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  • Grower's Corner - providing and sharing current information on poplar and willow crop management.
  • Statistics - on poplar and willow in Canada.
  • Publications - Poplar and Willow Council newsletters, national reports, other useful publications on poplar and willow.
  • Photo Gallery - photos from Poplar and Willow Council field tours and other occasions.

Short Rotation Woody Crops Webinar series 2020 - hosted by University of Minnesota Extension (Jeff Jackson).  After the postponement of the 2020 Short Rotation Woody Crops Conference, these monthly webinars provided an opportunity to share important research and updates.

Short Rotation Woody Crops Regional Updates - A webinar series of research and regional updates from Northeast, Southeast and Midwest USA, Canada and Europe aired by University of Minnesota Extension, hosted by Jeff Jackson.

PWCC Webinar presentations - Sep 16, 2020 - Raed Elferjani, Université TÉLUQ - 'The Quebec Network for Reforestation and Intensive Silviculture (Réseau Reboisement Ligniculture Québec) (QNRIS)' as presented September 16, 2020. 

Canadian report to 2020 IPC Session - Activities related to the Cultivation and Utilization of Poplars, Willows and other Fast-Growing Trees in Canada 2016-2019.  A comprehensive report by John Kort and William Schroeder, including policy and legal framework, technical information, statistics, general information and 40 pages of relevant literature citations.