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  • Grower's Corner - providing and sharing current information on poplar and willow crop management.
  • Statistics - on poplar and willow in Canada.
  • Publications - Poplar and Willow Council newsletters, national reports, other useful publications on poplar and willow.
  • Photo Gallery - photos from Poplar and Willow Council field tours and other occasions.

Greenhouse gas emissions: Sources and sinks in Canadian agro-ecosystems. Special issue of Canadian Journal of Soil Science including papers from the Agriculture Greenhouse Gases Program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada dealing with poplars and willows

Poplar and Willow News. IPC newsletter Issue No. 8, February 2018 - includes 2 Canadian contributions

Poplar breeding in North America. What are we breeding for? - Barb Thomas, September 2017 - presentation to Departmental Seminar, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.