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Promotional items for sale

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The Poplar and Willow Council of Canada has a limited quantity of promotional items for sale.  Some of these items bear the previous name/logo of the organization: 'Poplar Council' or 'PCC' and are now discontinued. Buy now while a few still remain and support PWCC.

Items available include toques, baseball caps, long-sleeve T-shirts, tote bags and backpacks.

If you would like to buy any items, send an E-mail with your name and complete mailing address to our Executive Assistant, Deb Brenton, specifying item(s), colour and size (T-shirts only). Deb will advise on availability and send you an invoice.  Once payment has been received (by E-transfer), she will dispatch the items.


BASEBALL CAP - poplar leaf - Canada - navy or grey      $10+tax
TOTE BAG - Poplar Council Canada     $5+tax
BACKPACK - Poplar & Willow Council     $15+tax
T-SHIRT - long-sleeve, grey - small or medium, PCC     $10+tax
T-SHIRT - long-sleeve, red - small or large, PCC     $10+tax
TOQUE - black, PCC     $5+tax