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International Poplar and Willow News

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The 7th issue of 'Poplar and Willow News', the newsletter of the International Poplar Commission (IPC), has recently appeared.  Published once or twice a year by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, of which IPC is a statutory subsidiary body, and produced by the Argentinian National Poplar Commission, the newsletter provides news and information about poplars and willows worldwide.

The 7th issue has information about Past and Upcoming Events, as well as Articles of Interest and General Interest notes.  Contents include:

  • Past Events

        25th Session and 48th Executive Committee meeting of IPC, Berlin, Germany
        2nd Conference on Engineering of Wood Products based on Poplar and Willow, Leon, Spain
        4th International Conference on Somatic Embryogenesis and other Vegetative Propagation Technologies, La Plata, Argentina
        National Working Forum: Poplar and Willow Management for Environmental Benefits and Renewable Fuel Industries, Portland, OR, USA

  • Upcoming Events

       Salicaceae Symposium 2017, Talca, Chile

  • Articles of Interest

       'Bud-mutated discolored poplar (Populus deltoides)' - R.C. Dhiman
       'Nitrogen-fixing endophytes of poplar and willow increase drought tolerance' - Sharon L. Doty

  • Poplar and Willow Book available on IPC Website

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