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Genetics and Breeding Working Group

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The Genetics and Breeding Working Group of PCC helps to coordinate poplar genetics and breeding work across the country. As such, it maintains the Council's poplar and willow clone directory. The directory is an electronic, searchable database of poplars, willows, and poplar and willow clones in Canada. It incorporates the related databases from several public and private organizations involved in poplar and willow breeding programs in Canada, and includes information, as available, on source, collection or breeding history, parentage and testing of clones and hybrids. Please direct any enquiries to .

Factsheets on Poplar Clones developed for the Prairies

A Technique for Controlled Reproduction of Poplars in Québec. A poster prepared by Pierre Périnet, Alain Fauchon and François Caron (2012)

Poplar Genomics to Poplar Production: Bridging the gap for best use of our resources and knowledge. A 'white paper' published by the Poplar Council of Canada as a follow-up to a 'Genomics to Production' workshop organized by the Council with Genome Canada support.

Glossary of Terminology for poplar genomics, genetics and utilization.