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IPC 2016

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Photos taken during the 25th Session of the International Poplar Commission (IPC) in Berlin, Germany and associated field tours in Central Germany and Sweden, September 11-20, 2016.

Field tour group with old P. nigra Wavy grain maple Pre-conference field tour group Energy willow plantation
Biochar production system Field group discussing SRC willow Session participants Plenary session presentation
Plenary presentation Plenary session participants Poster awards presentation Closing remarks
Closing speech Norway spruce under poplar Riparian ecology presentation Populus nigra in Middle Elbe
P. xcanadensis in Middle Elbe P. nigra in Middle Elbe riparian area P. nigra regeneration on river beach Field tour group on Elbe river beach
SRC clone test 'Haferfeld' Field tour group at SRC poplar trial Field tour group at SRC poplar trial SRC poplar trial 'Haferfeld'
SRC poplar trial 'Haferfeld' Poplar and willow nursery selection trial Poplar and willow nursery selection trial Willow nursery selection trial
Field tour group at 'Haferfeld' Long-term SRC poplar trial Lunch-time entertainment Biomass and bioenergy display
Biomass CHP plant graphic Biomass boiler display Biomass boiler display Nature reserve beside Rhine
P. nigra beside Rhine river Field tour group in nature reserve Inlet of Rhine river Inlet of Rhine river
Poplars near Knutstorp, Sweden Lunch at Ekebo Lunch at Ekebo Visit at Svalov
Lantmännen breeding trials Visit to GM-aspen trial GM aspen trial near Vaxtorp Hotel in Gränna
200-year-old oak plantation Oaks on Visingsö Brahe church on Visingsö Interior of Brahe church on Visingsö
Lunch at Visingsö ferry terminal Hällskogsbrännan forest fire area Fire-cracked granite boulder Hällskogsbrännan forest fire area
Visit to Nynäs farm near Enköping Nynäs farm & Salix plantations Group walk in town of Uppsala Poplar clone trial in Krusenberg